Initial Appointment

Please download the attachment Patient Details Consent Form here prior to your initial appointment.


Consultations are 50 minutes duration and are available by appointment only.

Appointment times are – Tuesday to Friday from 9:00-4:00pm.

Evening Zoom sessions can be arranged, a Medicare rebate is not applicable to Zoom sessions.

Consultation Fees

Consultation fees are $210 per 50-minute session. Please allow up to 75 minutes for your first session to allow time to gain a detailed understanding and assessment of your current needs and concerns.

Consultation fees are to be paid on the day of service and there is a HICAPS terminal available to facilitate this process.


Medicare: If you have been referred by your GP under a Medicare scheme, you will be eligible to receive a rebate for a portion of the consultation fee.

If eligible, your GP may refer you under:

  • Mental Health Care Plan under the Better Access to Mental Health Care Initiative: – www.health.gov.au/mentalhealth-betteraccess which entitles you to a rebate of $88.25 per session for up to 10 sessions in a calendar year. This scheme is for people with a diagnosed Mental Health condition and involves an extended consultation with your GP to prepare a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP). This involves an initial 6 sessions, followed by a review with your GP regarding your progress, and, to determine your eligibility for a further 4 sessions. You will need to bring your referral letter and a copy of the Mental Health Care Plan in order to access a rebate.
  • Non-Directive Pregnancy Support Counselling: which entitles you to three sessions at a rebate of $64.70 per session. This scheme is designed for women who are pregnant and have any concerns about their pregnancy; women who have experienced a recent pregnancy loss and/or traumatic delivery; women who have any concerns about their baby or their own health within a year after birth. You will need to bring your letter of referral in order to access a rebate. Medicare Benefits for Non-Directive Pregnancy Support

Private Health Funds: Your eligibility for a rebate through your health fund will depend on you level of cover for Allied Health treatment. Please contact your health fund directly to determine whether you are entitled to a rebate.

Do I need a referral to attend?

You do not need a referral to make an appointment.

If you would like to be eligible for a Medicare rebate, you will need to consult your GP, who can assist in assessing your psychological needs and preparing a treatment plan.

What can I expect in our first session?

The initial appointment will last around 75 minutes, with subsequent sessions around 50 minutes.

Our initial consultation is designed to ensure that subsequent sessions are relevant and helpful to you. When you attend your first appointment, we will discuss your current needs and significant family/relationship history that will be relevant to therapy. We will also discuss your goals and expectations of treatment. At the end of each consultation, your Psychologist will give you a couple of homework tasks to undertake, which are designed to reinforce and extend beyond the content of our session to help facilitate your progress.

The information you disclose to your Psychologist, in this and subsequent sessions, is determined by what you are comfortable with.

What can I expect in subsequent sessions?

We will discuss how your mood has been since our previous session, your personal history relevant to your issue, and report on your homework and any progress (or new insights gained) from the previous counselling session. The ultimate purpose of counselling is to help you bring what you learn in session and apply these skills/insights into your life. Some sessions will be talk-based, whereas others will be more educational and interactive and involve learning new skills to manage your distress. Therefore, apart from the work you do in counselling sessions, your Psychologist will suggest things you can do to support your progress – such as reading a relevant article, keeping a journal and writing on specific topics, noting particular behaviours or taking action on your goals.

How long does treatment last?

The number of sessions can vary from person to person, depending on the issues brought into counselling. Generally 6-10 sessions will be sufficient to notice some progress. Follow-up sessions are recommended for ongoing treatment and maintenance of existing skills.

In order for therapy to be most advantageous you will benefit from scheduling regular sessions with your Psychologist initially weekly or fortnightly. Most clients will then taper the frequency of appointments to fortnightly/monthly once some confidence and skills have been gained. For longstanding or complex issues, individuals may benefit from long-term therapy.

Cancellation Policy

We understand that from time to time appointment times need to be changed or cancelled and we make every endeavour to be flexible.

Cancellation of appointments will incur the following fee:

  • 100% of the fee if cancelling within 24 hours, on the day of, or did not show for our appointment (i.e. $210).

We operate a stand-by list in case of cancellations. In the event that you need to reschedule, we respectfully request as much notice as possible.

Please note that Medicare or health insurance rebates are not applicable to cancellation fees and therefore you will be responsible for payment. No further appointments will be scheduled until this fee is settled.

What should I do if I am in need of immediate help in a case of emergency?

Sally Findley Psychology is not a crisis service and as such, we encourage you to contact Lifeline on 13 11 14, your nearest hospital or call 000.